Project 52: Daffodils

Friday, 7 March 2014

I actually love daffodils. 

They're such cheerful flowers and since moving into a new flat with my boyfriend, it's nice to put a sneaky girlish stamp on the place.

I'm writing about this for two reasons. 

1. Because this bunch of daffodils were £1 from M&S and I think they're a taste of spring in a vase for hardly any money at all.

2. I've decided to begin a photography project called Project 52, whereby said photography enthusiast takes an image every day for a year to keep their passion alive. This picture is my official first shot of the project! 

I used a black and white filter from online Photoshop actions and textures store Paint the Moon with an added action named 'Matte Portobello' and a film grain effect. I love film photography and thought I'd alter this colourful image to monotone to give it a different look. 
I suppose in a way, it's also to reflect the fact that we love to pick flowers, but all too soon they're wilting and withering away. An instantaneous pick me up. 

A bit deep for a Friday! 

Are you rolling with Project 52? I'd love to hear from those who are!

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